Dubbele avondlezing (okt 2014) - System Architecture & Functional Verification

Van 16.10.2014 19:00 tot 16.10.2014 22:00
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De oktoberlezing bestaat uit maar liefst twee sprekers, ieder met een eigen onderwerp!


SalvadorLezing 1: A generic compact System Architecture Description

Within the high tech product development, several design frameworks/ methodologies exist such as the Waterfall model, V model, Scrum, Agile, CAFCR model, etc. These focus mainly on all, or some, of the steps between initial user need up to realization, verification and or validation. However, none of these methodologies really discuss a general approach of describing the (system) architecture of a product when the needs/functions are clear. If you investigate over and in the companies, there is also no real common used standardization of an Architecture Description. Even within companies these architectures can differ from architect to architect and is not always complete and not (easy) traceable up to mono disciplinary level. During this talk, I present a generic compact System Architecture Description. It combines 4 elements, namely Functions, Interfaces, Key properties and Concept of Execution, into a unified framework which covers the full range from system-level design to mono-disciplinary component - level. It makes traceability visible from top system level to down component level, and from down to top. Beside technology, it also touches some project management aspects.

Spreker 1: Salvador Almagro Frutos

Salvador Almagro Frutos, MSc, obtained his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2006 from the Eindhoven University of Technology. He is specialized in Modeling, Systems and Control. Salvador followed several post academic courses at the HighTech Institute in the Netherlands, Eindhoven, ranging from Mechatronics design to Systems Architecting. 

Since 2012 he worked at Alten Mechatronics. He contributed to several projects at designer or architecture levels for the companies ASML, Mecal, Philips Innovation Services, TNO-ESI, as well as TU/e and Fontys Hogescholen. Since September 2014, he has been teaching and designing the content of the System Engineering Course at Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven.


HamidLezing 2: Model-Based Functional Verification

One of the bottlenecks of in the development of mechatronic systems is their verification and validation. Late detection of a system’s errors could call for noticeable remedial efforts, thereby imposing huge costs on the product lifecycle. However, verification is usually performed during systems integration, i.e. at late stages of the development. Moreover, the traditional approaches to test design rely largely on the systems models which a) are made out of informal description of the system rather than being derived through a systematic and formal process, and b) represent at best the ‘happy runs’ of the system, hence shedding little light on possible undesirable system’s behavior. It is thus expected that some errors escape the so-designed non-exhaustive tests and are caught only after the delivery of the system.

Therefore the verification tests should be designed so that they can catch the errors of a system effectively and as early in its development as possible. To this end, I propose to model a system at functional level formally, and base the design of verification tests on the model. Functional models offer an early holistic view into a system’s desired and undesirable behavior through linking high-level architectural designs to low-level implementations.

Spreker 2: Abdelhamid Kechroud

Hamid Kechroud obtained his Master of Science in 2006, Electrical Engineering in France at the Grenoble Institute of Technology and is finishing his PhD at the University of Eindhoven. Hamid specialized himself in analysis, modeling, simulation and systems engineering of complex mechatronic systems .

He worked as a PostDoc researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology from 2010 till 2012 and joined Alten Mechatronics as a consultant since 2012. Since that time, Hamid is involved in the design of complex mechatronic systems in a high tech environment. Hamid is part of the organizing committee of the knowledge group on systems engineering within Alten Mechatronics. Topics in his area of interest besides systems engineering are TRIZ , RAMS and model based testing.



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