Workshop: Functional modelling

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Han Kolkman (Senior Systems Engineer, Capgemini Engineering)
Marcel van der Velden (Senior Systems Engineer, Capgemini Engineering)
10:30 - 12:00 hours
This presentation will be delivered in Dutch. If there's someone present who doesn't speak Dutch, the presenter will switch to English.

Large infrastructural projects have many systems, users and interfaces that all need to be brought together and coordinated in order to realize a working whole. The development of these infrastructural projects has been done in a model for some time, but the elaboration is often limited to only a system model in which the requirements are incorporated. In order to arrive at a good system decomposition that achieves an efficient solution that is also optimally prepared for future maintenance and reuse, it is advisable to also record a functional model at the same time. The methodology in which iterative decomposition in the functional and system domains is done is the recommended approach for Function Based Systems Engineering. 

In this workshop, based on a case (a bread factory), we look at which functions can be identified and how they work together. In addition, it is discussed how this can be modeled with SysML. In the workshop, the hands-on exercises are performed without further aids, the first steps of functional modeling can already be performed with pen and paper.

About Han Kolkman

  Han Kolkman

Han Kolkman (1963) studied Applied Physics at the University of Twente and started his career at AT&T & Philips Telecommunications (now Alcatel) as a SW engineer on GSM/5ESS Mobile Switching development. From 2002 he continued his career at Atos Origin Technical Automation and Nspyre, which later evolved from it. As a SW engineer / architect he has since worked on various mostly simulation related projects within the domains Aerospace and Railinfra. 

In order to be able to work in a broader and more multidisciplinary way, he made the switch to Systems Engineering roles from 2013 and has been involved in the development of technical installations for large tunnel projects. Model Based Systems Engineering methods based on SysML are already widely used in this domain. He is particularly interested in taking Function Based System Engineering in combination with MBSE towards fully Model Driven Engineering environments. 

 He currently works at CapGemini, which includes Nspyre through a number of acquisitions. 

About Marcel van der Velden

Marcel van der Velden

Marcel van der Velden (1973) studied Electrical Engineering and Telematics at the Hogeschool van Utrecht and started his career at Vialis. In 1999 he switched to Origin Technical Automation and after several acquisitions he now works at Capgemini Engineering. 

 Marcel started as a software programmer and later became a designer. He used, among other things, UML as a modeling technique. The assignments he carried out cover various branches; Aerospace, Railinfra, Semiconductors and Traffic. 

 Marcel has been working for 9 years as a Systems Engineer on various tunnel projects, both new construction and renovation. He uses model-based techniques (especially SysML) to fulfill the requirements and preconditions. In addition to the system elaborations, he has gained a lot of experience with functional modeling during the last 2 projects. 

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