Workshop: What is ‘asked for’ and what is ‘needed’ are not the same. What is your choice?

Ger Schoeber (Grouplead systems engineering Lightyear)
10:30 - 12:00 hours
This workshop will be delivered in Dutch. If there's someone present who doesn't speak Dutch, the presenters will switch to English.

Have you ever received requirements that do not reflect the actual customer needs? 
It should be fast, easy to use, high throughput, a brilliant list of features, and many more. And after extensive phases of years of designing, engineering, integrating, verifying, validating, etc, it turns out that it might be hard to manufacture, hard to service, or it lacks scalability.

How to prevent this? 
If you recognise this and are interested in learning and experiencing a very practical tool/method to deal with this, then I’d would like to welcome you in this workshop!

About Ger Schoeber

Ger Schoeber

Ger Schoeber studied electronics and computer science and started his career as a software developer at Philips in 1984. Five years later he took post at High Tech Automation, a technical software service provider, and moved to system architecture and project management. In 2001 Schoeber founded Task Switch, his own consulting company on multidisciplinary system architecting activities. From 2008 until 2011 he worked for Sioux as a consultant and developer of business cases. In 2011 he joined the Hotraco Group initiating and developing a variety of innovations in agriculture, industry, energy and care. And in 2021 he joined Lightyear in Helmond as group lead Systems Engineering. Ger Schoeber is also an international trainer on Systems Architecting for the High Tech Institute and holds an ESEP INCOSE certification. 

Schoeber enjoys both being active in industry and combining this with teaching. He often takes his own mistakes/learnings as a starting point. “This makes it very clear how much theory and practice can differ.” 

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