Workshop: POOSL for early system validation

Sezen Acur, Research Fellow & Systems Engineer, ESI (TNO)
Arjan Mooij, ESI (TNO)
14:30 - 16:00 hours

In the early phases of system development, the requirements and initial designs are usually imprecise and incomplete and important architectural decisions are taken. As unclear or suboptimal decisions may be time-consuming to correct later on, we advocate the use of early system validation. The current way of working of physical prototyping is based on documents. Nowadays this is changing towards executable modelling for analysis. We create executable models that abstract from as many details as possible, and combine them with domain visualizations (analysis) to bridge the gap between system design and software design. 

POOSL is a modeling tool that supports lightweight simulation. POOSL stands for Parallel Object-Oriented Specification Language. We use POOSL to analyze aspects such as functional requirements, architectural decomposition, component interaction, and performance indicators.  The overall goal is to be able to get early feedback on system requirements and design using simulations in order to do better analysis and have a quicker feedback loop between architects who analyze system behavior.

About Sezen Acur

Sezen Acur

Sezen Acur is a research fellow & systems engineer for ESI/TNO. She holds a Bachelor degree in Systems Engineering, obtained at George Mason University (USA). She has a Masters degree in Renewable Energy Management, achieved at Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Germany). Before joining TNO in May 2021, she worked in the USA for defense contractor companies as a systems engineer and also as a systems and test engineer in civil sector. Her experience in the last 5 years focuses on large scale complex system implementation, R&D, project management and system-level testing.

About Arjan Mooij

Arjan Mooij

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