Workshop: Requirements 101

Mahmoud Saraya (Senior Systems Engineer, Shell), Sannelie van der Westhuizen (Mechanical Engineer, Shell)
12:45 - 14:15 hours

Requirements 101 is a Shell wide campaign to improve our skills in requirements writing. As we work with a lot of external parties we have made most of the video training material publicly available on YouTube. Requirements communicate our needs and are critical to many processes. However, communication is not always easy. So if you write contract requirements, technical requirements, project specifications etc. you will certainly benefit from Requirements 101.

Requirements are at the heart of all our business decisions from delivering projects, running assets and managing risks. They not only have a technical component but also are contractual.

In the workshop we will practice requirements writing starting with real-life examples of requirements that can be enhanced quite a bit. We also demonstrate the use of software that can be use to check the quality of a requirement while writing them. It is also possible to bring along requirements you have struggling with as test cases. This is expected to generate quite some interesting debate and discussion.  

Before attending the workshop you can watch the Requirements 101 YouTube to prepare yourself.

About Mahmoud Saraya

Mahmoud Saraya

Mahmoud is currently Senior Systems Engineer at Shell Projects and Technology. He has 15 years of experience at Shell in various locations and roles. For most of his career he has been mechanical static engineer within maintenance and projects at NAM Netherlands and Pearl Gas to Liquid plant in Qatar. He then joined BAPETCO (former Shell Egypt upstream JV) as a project engineer where his scope shifted more towards project delivery. Since 2020, he has been part of Shell Systems Engineering central team leveraging his projects and engineering experience across portfolio of Shell projects ranging from Wind and New Energies to conventional Oil and Gas projects. His main focus is rationalization technical requirements in projects.

About Sannelie van der Westhuizen

Sannelie van der Westhuizen

Sannelie joined Shell in 2013 as an experienced Mechanical Engineer working on capital projects and has since also gained experience in maintenance, business opportunity management and working as the Learning Advisor for Quality and Systems Engineering. She is known for driving innovation to improve business performance. She is married with two daughters, is based in The Netherlands and is looking forward to explore the world now that the COVID restrictions are reducing.

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