Workshop: Standardization, where does the cut come and what are the consequences?

Berber Vogt (Coördinerend adviseur IA/ Productmanager 3BT, Rijkswaterstaat) 
10:30 - 12:00 hours
This workshop will be delivered in Dutch. If there's someone present who doesn't speak Dutch, the presenter will switch to English.

Rijkswaterstaat's mission: Working together on a safe, live able and accessible Netherlands. That is Rijkswaterstaat.

In order to be able to meet these objectives, more and more thought is being given to expanding standardization (LTS and LBS are already being applied) within the projects on the part of Rijkswaterstaat. This standardization raises many questions and uncertainties for both the market and Rijkswaterstaat itself. 
In the workshop we will look at the different aspects if we want to apply standardization of a tunnel. Where do we make the cut and what are the consequences for the various parties?

What can you learn? 
In this workshop you will be made aware that the choices made for standardization and where the difference lies between the Client and the contractor in a tunnel project are not easy and also entail quite a bit of impact on various levels.

About Berber Vogt

Berber Vogt

Berber Vogt studied computer science and electrical engineering. She now has more than eighteen years of experience in the field of systems and software engineering, the last nine of which in infrastructure. The first years she was on the contractor side and the last 5 years at Rijkswaterstaat. In addition to her work, she has been active within INCOSE for a number of years, first in the Netherlands, later internationally. Berber tries to apply the methods and means that are necessary in her work, but the basic principle remains that it must be pragmatic, workable and feasible. 

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