Workshop: Getting familiar with modeling in SysML 2.0?

Eric Burgers (Systeem Engineer / Directeur, Semapro), René Krouwel (Systeemarchitect, CGI) & (Wouter Geurts, Software/Solution Architect, CGI)

14:30 - 16:00 hours
This workshop will be delivered in Dutch. If there's someone present who doesn't speak Dutch, the presenters will switch to English.

In this workshop, the founders of the use of SysML in the civil engineering sector take the participant along in translating a problem (crossing modalities, movable bridge) into a SysML v2.0 model. The participant will learn in this workshop: 
- Wasson's operating environment architecture (OEA) 
- identifying the system boundaries in its operational environment 
- designing the 'system of interest', with its external interfaces and internal interfaces 
- some (but not exhaustive) differences between SysML 1.x and SysML 2.0 
- working with open source tooling for modeling with SysML 2.0 
The model designed in SysML 2.0 will be compared with the same model described in SysML 1.x so that participants become acquainted with the differences and similarities between the old and new version of SysML. The open source tooling is a Model Based Engineering Environment under development by INCOSE volunteers and others. 
A virtual PC with the SysML 2.0 development environment will be made available to each participant. The participant is requested to bring a laptop with Oracle Virtualbox ( installed. Further information will be shared on this page to download the virtual PC:  

And for those who can't wait: 
- SysML 2.0 can be retrieved at: 
- The instructions and workshop supplies at:

About Eric Burgers

Eric Burgers

 As a system architect he is involved in large complex projects such as Zuidasdok and Oosterweel Connection, he provides training in the field of SysML and is active as a volunteer/sponsor at INCOSE and Centrum voor Ondergronds Bouwen (COB). His interests are in the field of requirements, architecture and simulation.

About René Krouwel

Rene Krouwel

 He works in the mission-critical systems market, mainly in critical infrastructure such as tunnels, movable bridges and locks. For this he applies model based systems engineering, often combined with SysML. He is particularly interested in standardization, verification and validation.

About Wouter Geurts

Wouter Geurts

Since 1996 he has been involved in the flood defenses of Rijkswaterstaat (Maeslantkering, Oosterscheldekeringe and Ramspol barrier). From this domain he has interest and experience in model based engineering and formal methods for specification of software. His main interest is the role of verification and validation of systems before implementation begins.

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