Workshop: Game changing approach to machine control software development: automate & digitalize in One using low-code

Benno Beuting (Director, Cordis SUITE)
12:45 - 14:15 hours
This workshop will be delivered in Dutch. If there's someone present who doesn't speak Dutch, the presenters will switch to English.

Cordis SUITE approach to Smart Machines/Factory:

  • Enable systems to Learn and Improve
  • Automation and Digitalization interconnected by 'Single Source of Truth' (SSOT) architecture
  • Low-code approach to focus on Architecture and Design instead of Coding the software

The 'Smart Factory'; is an interconnected network of machines, robots, automated guided vehicles (AGV), communication mechanisms and HoloLens or other augmented reality (AR) to support workers. It uses Digitalization such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyse data, drive automated processes and learn as it goes improving the system. 
A major challenge when digitizing machines and systems, is integrating and linking the various subsystems: it is complex, labor-intensive and error-prone. Once in production, this also makes it very difficult to perform updates while keeping all the subsystems compatible with each other. Due to the unpredictable production stop & disruptions, machine control software updates are rarely done.

The Cordis SUITE platform has an answer to this with a 'Single Source of Truth' (SSOT) architecture. The formal description in the low-code model (of the machine behavior and the architectural parts with properties) is the basis/source from which an automated integration is made to all the subsystems via model transformations. In addition to transforming (or generating) the machine control software, the low-code model is also used for integrating User Interface applications, Microsoft HoloLens (metaverse) applications, Simulation applications, Data analysis applications, Documentation and Formal verification model checkers.Having access to data is becoming increasingly critical to enable systems to learn and improve. Thisis also the case for operational data of machines, production lines, processes/installations and all kinds of other types of mechatronic systems. 
The Cordis SUITE provides an integrated data platform that provides automated access to all operational system control data, based on the low-code model design. The data is structured, accurate, complete, performant and consistent; stored in a time-series database such as InfluxDB. 
Currently, in most systems no or very limited data is available. If data is (made) available, in many cases this data is mined from sensors that have been added to the system or from existing sensors used by the control software. However, when only sensor data is used, in most cases it is very difficult or even impossible to make a correct correlation with the system behavior; and thereforegives an incorrect analysis.

In the Cordis SUITE data platform - in addition to sensor data - operational data is also extracted from the executed control-software, providing a detailed trace log of the execution of the control software. These execution trace logs contain time-stamped data for claims, events and signals. So, storing all changes to the dynamic behavior of the software objects and to their interfaces such as state-changes, observer-changes, input/output-changes, interface commands, messages, operator actions and sensor signals. 
It also offers a data visualization dashboard that provides insight into the  system dynamics based on the execution traces. The visualization is very powerful and can bring quick  insights into the system Dynamics.

In this workshop you will learn the game changing & holistic low-code development approach with the example case of a “Washing machine 4.0”.

About Remy Fennet

Remy Fennet

Remy Fennet is Application Consultant at Cordis SUITE. Remy works daily to advise customers on system architecture for machine controls using low-code techniques. His background is TU/e Mechanical Engineering.

About Jan Peter Meeuwse

Jan Peter Meeuwse

Jan Peter Meeuwse is responsible for operations and commercial affairs at Cordis SUITE in Eindhoven & Malaga. His background is TU/e Mechanical Engineering.

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